An intro to Dionysus

From their Last Released EP "Hymn to the Dying"

From their Last Released EP “Hymn to the Dying”



Dionysus is a Death/Doom band from Lahore, Pakistan. Debut EP A Hymn to the dying released in physical (CD) format by Salute records from Sweden! Order now: . Re-released by Total Annihilation records from Holland.

A 3 piece Death/Doom band from Lahore, Pakistan.

“I’m really impressed with the whole style of music they play and glad to see that Pakistan has produced some quality and not quantity bands. The band is already Professional in every manner and sound like Legends on record.” – Fraz Erebus (Erebus Doom zine)”Their album “A Hymn to the Dying” can be regarded as one of the finest release in the South Asian region in recent years. The album is a pure journey to the heart of darkness with intelligently shifting speed, inspiring compositions, clean acoustic approaches and a multi dimensional assault.” – Sandip Gurung (”Thankfully, Dionysus has some lush tones that are fully capable of calling upon folk, black, and even the aforementioned death-doom genres that capture the simplicity of the merged styles, yet embellishes the point(s) nicely throughout.” – Chris Pratl (”A 5 song and 28 minute collection of hard hitting riffs that show what a truly talented band Dionysus actually are.” – Sludge lord”Creating a heavy sound with a soothing atmosphere is why Dionysus makes people fall in love with them. Cannot wait to get hold of their copy soon!” – Rupsa Das ( our music and stuff. Hymn to the dying EP download link.


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Band Interests


Artists We Also Like

Painful Quandry, Foreskin, Multinational corporations, Marwolaeth, Lohikarma, Dormant Inferno, Ilhaam, Myosis, 4 days of night, Dusk, Symptom, Shroud of heretic

Basic Info

Joined Facebook 07/18/2010

Genre Death/Doom

Members Waleed Ahmed – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Producer
Sheraz Ahmed – Guitars/Drums
Umair Ahmed – Guitars
Waqar Haider – Live backing vocals
Sam Morbid – Live Drummer
Rauhan Lasharie – Flute/Synth/Violin
Creative team: Amar Ali, Umer Ahmed and Waqar Haider
Credits to Agha Majid for his lyrics on our song “Valor of the Phoenix”

Hometown Lahore

Record Label Salute Records

Influences Anathema, Katatonia, Saturnus, Amorphis, Dismember, Opeth, Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, Asphyx, Death, Agalloch, Uaral, Ulver, Empyrium, Forest of shadows, IRON MAIDEN, Yngwie malmsteen, Cacophony, A mournful gust, officium triste, wine from tears, october falls, Bathory, Dissection, Cardinal sin, Vinterland, Doom:VS.

Current Location Lahore

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