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Tekken Museum

In May 2012, Namco Bandai opened Tekken Museum in Osaka, Japan. The museum showcases goods, action figures, artworks, life-size statues of Tekken characters, and various merchandise. The items on display will be rotated regularly so that the museum is worth multiple visits,but the admission is free. Namco held a grand opening on May 26, 2012 which featured a tournament for visitors.
Tekken Museum

Obsession!!! Hwoarang from TEKKEN

I love many characters from video games but this guy is amazing! The looks are important in a character but I am more obsessed with his moves and style. Taekwondo is such a beautiful fighting style IMO. I wish i could learn it now but i am too old for that now 😦

HERE ARE SOME OF HIS PICTURES I LOVED AND A VIDEO TO SHOW IT TO THOSE WHO ARE CURIOUS WHY I AM TALKING ABOUT HIS MOVES AND FIGHTING STYLE 😉63040_444997209118_61276089118_5048129_5353932_n 155033_10150300132360507_511695506_15366380_7808091_n.
hwoarang (1) Hwoarang DP hwoarang_bbb hwoarang_by_khirono-d5wab51 Hwoarang_by_what_dye_call_it hwoarang_likes_sittin_on_ppl_by_lilir12-d49fgx0 hwoarang_mod_2_by_lilir12-d49fc9p hwoarang_mod_by_lilir12-d49fbpr hwoarang_sc_again_by_agentjkazama-d4yu15a hwoarang-bike2 hwoarangmovie1 hwoarangmovie2 Hwoarang-tekken-hwoarang-12752180-240-320 l1 Tekken 6 BR Hwoarang combo tribute.mp43 TEKKEN___Hwoarang_
A guy who is the only famous player of him. yh! yh! after me of course :p


WITHERSCAPE, the stunning new dark metal outfit formed by Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Dan Swanötogether with fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, will release its debut album, “The Inheritance”, on July 29 in Europe and August 6 in North America via Century Media Records.

A comprehensive interview with Swanö about how the band got together, the CD concept as well as how crickets happened to end up on the album can be seen below. witherscapecd2013 “The Inheritance” track listing: 01. Mother Of The Soul 02. Astrid Falls 03. Dead For A Day 04. Dying For The Sun 05. To The Calling Of Blood And Dreams 06. The Math Of The Myth 07. Crawling From Validity 08. The Wedlock Observation 09. The Inheritance “The Inheritance” is a pretty thick concept album split into different episodes and very briefly, the WITHERSCAPE story takes place in a remote village in northern Sweden in the late 1800’s. The central character lives in Stockholm and comes from wealth, and upon the death of his family he’s informed by the family lawyer that he has inherited a large estate up north. Having been oblivious to the estate’s existence, he decides to investigate, and once he’s there “all kinds of weird shit happens,” according to Dan Swanö. The hauntingly beautiful cover artwork for “The Inheritance”, which can be seen above, was created by Travis Smith of Seempieces, who has previously worked with such bands as OPETHNEVERMOREDEATH andKATATONIA. Swanö staes: “Both me and Ragnar are fascinated by old, abandoned buildings and it was pretty clear from the start that we would have the estate our main character inherits on the albumcover. We used Travis Smith as a ‘medium’ for our visual ideas and he did a spectacular job transforming our written wishes into a real image.” WITHERSCAPE marks the long overdue return as active composer and recording artist for Dan Swanö in the world of extreme metal, after having mostly been involved on the studio mixing end of things in these past years. Granted, “The Inheritance” is not purely a death metal release, but it smoothly showcases both the heavier and the mellow sides ofSwanö‘s creativity and should consequently not only please fans of his earlier efforts like “Moontower” or the EDGE OF SANITY catalogue, but also attract friends of progressively atmospheric contemporary metal in the vein of OPETKATATONIA and AMORPHIS. According to SwanöWITHERSCAPE has been in planning for a long time, spawned as a result of his working relationship with Widerberg, which began at a Swedish music store. The two multi-instrumentalists discovered that they had so much in common musically that brainstorming for a full-on metal project of their own was the next logical step. Widerberg cites acts like early JUDAS PRIESTRUSHKING CRIMSON and MERCYFUL FATE as far as his inspirations in regards to WITHERSCAPE and Swanöelaborates his list to also include JUDAS PRIEST (1975-1989), VOIVOD,QUEENSRŸCHERUSHMARILLION and MERCYFUL FATE. Most dedicated metalheads will not only be able to call themselves owners of certain releases by one Dan‘s many outstanding bands/projects (EDGE OF SANITYNIGHTINGALE), but also the work at his own Unisoundstudio will surely have left a mark in everyone’s record collection at some point: OPETHKATATONIADISSECTIONMERCILESS59 TIMES THE PAINDARK FUNERALHAIL OF BULLETSMARDUKMILLENCOLIN andNASUM, to name but a few. Swanö has been no stranger to Century Media Records: He was originally involved with the death metal supergroup BLOODBATH (also featuring members of OPETH and KATATONIA), who released the“Breeding Death” EP as well as the amazing first two albums,“Resurrection Through Carnage” and “Nightmares Made Flesh”, viaCentury Media. Most recently, Swanö has been heavily working again as producer and mixer of albums, including releases by Century Media artists such as ASPHYXGRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURTODDLAND andMORGOTH. witherscapeband Reference Link:

KATATONIA To Release ‘Dethroned And Uncrowned’ In September – June 17, 2013

In August 2012, Swedish dark rockers KATATONIA released “Dead End Kings”, their ninth studio album. The CD was the band’s most successful to date and cemented the Swedes’ position as masters of sorrowful metal. In September 2013, the band returns with “Dethroned And Uncrowned”, their first release on KscopePeaceville‘s sister label.

Many of the ecstatic reviews the “Dead End Kings” received commented on the fact that the album marked another step in the band’s journey towards a more progressive sound. “Dethroned and Uncrowned” allows them to explore these elements of the record further as they have reworked the album, creating new moods and textures while still staying truthful to the core of the songs.

“Dethroned And Uncrowned” will be available on double LP, download and as 2 disc (CD and DVD-AV) digibook set, which also features a 5.1 surround mix of the album.

“Dethroned And Uncrowned” track listing:

01. The Parting
02. The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here
03. Hypnone
04. The Racing Heart
05. Buildings
06. Leech
07. Ambitions
08. Undo You
09. Lethean
10. First Prayer
11. Dead Letters

“Dead End Kings” sold 3,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 138 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 4 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

KATATONIA has returned with a special triple-LP vinyl release featuring an epic set of classics from the band’s catalogue. “Last Fair Day Gone Night” features the Swedish dark rock/metal master at its glorious best with this electrifying set from London’s esteemed Koko venue during a series of special celebratory shows to mark the band’s 20th anniversary during 2011’s “Last Fair Day Gone Night” tour. Set for a June 17 release on Peaceville Records“Last Fair Day Gone Night” is presented on triple heavyweight 180gm vinyl in a deluxe box, with a 12-page, 12-inch book.


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