My “Liked” Final Fantasy Characters.

I never get to play this game, neither i will. The game type itself is not my kind. Those who have played the series can share the information about the game and their favorite characters . Explain why?

My analyses on the character animation is that, i feel that the characters are too feminine. Yes! i think the only reason people like the characters because they’re extremely sexy looking and lethal in their own gameplay or the game has a good story?

Here are some of my Favorited Characters from the game. Had to post this to know from “3D modeling and Animation’s point of view. Hows the character animation is effective to you?


One response to “My “Liked” Final Fantasy Characters.

  1. yes you do have a point there…they are very well rendered characters – i like that kind of animation – slightly more realistic looking that cartoon style manga (which i hate). And yeah the characters are attractive the whole EuroAsian thing.. they are exotic but still ‘safe’ for Westerners – the whiter skin, strong bone structure and dead straight nose.

    They remind me of you 😀 ❤

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