Sony hammers Xbox over price, used games


By Doug Gross


(CNN) — At a coming-out party for its upcoming PlayStation 4 console, Sony doubled up by leveling its guns on rival Microsoft’s Xbox One device and firing until the chambers were empty.

During a press event Monday night at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Sony hammered home key points about its new gaming system: Sharing games will be free. If people want to sell used games, that’s fine. And a near-constant Internet connection, meant to monitor game usage, won’t be required.

In other words, the PS4 will do many things the new XBox apparently cannot. Oh, and the PlayStation 4 will sell for $399 — $100 less than the Xbox One. Both consoles are expected this fall in time for the holiday shopping season.

A big point of contention among gamers is that Microsoft’s new Xbox will require an online check-in every 24 hours…

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