Obsession!!! Hwoarang from TEKKEN

I love many characters from video games but this guy is amazing! The looks are important in a character but I am more obsessed with his moves and style. Taekwondo is such a beautiful fighting style IMO. I wish i could learn it now but i am too old for that now 😦

HERE ARE SOME OF HIS PICTURES I LOVED AND A VIDEO TO SHOW IT TO THOSE WHO ARE CURIOUS WHY I AM TALKING ABOUT HIS MOVES AND FIGHTING STYLE 😉63040_444997209118_61276089118_5048129_5353932_n 155033_10150300132360507_511695506_15366380_7808091_n.
hwoarang (1) Hwoarang DP hwoarang_bbb hwoarang_by_khirono-d5wab51 Hwoarang_by_what_dye_call_it hwoarang_likes_sittin_on_ppl_by_lilir12-d49fgx0 hwoarang_mod_2_by_lilir12-d49fc9p hwoarang_mod_by_lilir12-d49fbpr hwoarang_sc_again_by_agentjkazama-d4yu15a hwoarang-bike2 hwoarangmovie1 hwoarangmovie2 Hwoarang-tekken-hwoarang-12752180-240-320 l1 Tekken 6 BR Hwoarang combo tribute.mp43 TEKKEN___Hwoarang_
A guy who is the only famous player of him. yh! yh! after me of course :p


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