Principles of Animation Physics

Principles of Animation Physics

University of Mysore (CIST)

A course entitled “Principles of Animation Physics” will be presented at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference. The course notes may be downloaded here:

Download PDF Here

Why should a character animator care about physics?
If you’re going to be a surgeon then you need to know advanced anatomy; for life drawing
a basic knowledge of muscles and bones is helpful. If you’re going to be an engineer then you
need to know calculus and physics; as a character animator a basic understanding of mechanics
and bio-mechanics is helpful. In Chuck Amuck, Chuck Jones writes, “Comparative anatomy
is a vital tool of the complete animator or director.” The purpose of this course is to make
physics another tool in your animator’s toolbox.
At San Jose State I teach Physics of Animation, a one semester course for animation artists.
The first eight weeks of the semester cover mechanics and bio-mechanics; this SIGGRAPH

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