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17 responses to “My Films

  1. Brilliant Actor, Brilliant screen writer… ‘Cleanliness is half our Deen”

    You know what I look forward to is using your film making skills to help me raise awareness in Muslim communities about the rights of women in Islam. Insha a Allah

  2. Reblogged this on emboldened hearts and commented:
    Cleanliness is half our Deen- i am so proud of Waqar’s screenplay, production and acting- i love that my fiance uses his skill for the love of Deen. Insha a Allah we will collaborate in my efforts to raise awareness of the plethora of rights Allah (swt) decreed for Muslim women, but that are being denied in much of the Muslim world.

  3. just had a quick look and will hv a more detailed look at these clips…amazing so far
    thank you zahra for advertising him on yr blog. great idea!!!

    • oh i get it now.. reply to the actual comment not post a new one.. so you can delete this comment and this reply to it 😀

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