Advance Spinning Effect

If anyone need such design or want such logos,

Advance Spin Effect from bawaqar haider on Vimeo.




Our Quest to Re connect the World to Quran Continues! 

We Believe that The internet is one of the most powerful and democratic tool for disseminating information in human history. And when that power is harnessed, the results can be absolutely stunning. 

To be Able to Understand and Deliver The Message Of Quran from The Comfort of Our Homes, is a Great Luxury, We are living in a Time of Unprecedented Opportunity!

In sha Allah Let’s utilize this opportunity to Make Quranic Education on the tip of Everyone and Anyone with an Internet Connection!

But We Need your help too, Spread the Word, Invite and Share This Page as we are most active on this! 

Anybody who is connected to this Page can be in Regular Touch and be Updated on Newest Releases! In sha Allah! Helping them Turn Their Lives Around and be a source of Sadqa Jaria For You and Us too because of the Referral! In sha Allah!

NAKcollection Volunteers

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3D Billboard I made for Advertisement and Marketing Purpose with an Imaginary Product.

Light Effect Billboard

If you want your 3D billboards be made, Contact Me,

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3D Logos and Designs

If anyone Interested in getting their Logos made in 3D comparatively cheaper to market rates,, Let me know.
Animations for Logos are coming soon. Here are few quick designs.

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Sublime Logo Designs0015 My First Own Logo 1 Laava 123 hv11