Current Project

“The lake View Housing Society Chakwal” Commercial Area.
77 .2 6


3D Billboard I made for Advertisement and Marketing Purpose with an Imaginary Product.

Light Effect Billboard

If you want your 3D billboards be made, Contact Me,

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3D Logos and Designs

If anyone Interested in getting their Logos made in 3D comparatively cheaper to market rates,, Let me know.
Animations for Logos are coming soon. Here are few quick designs.

visit my Vimeo for my previous work

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Sublime Logo Designs0015 My First Own Logo 1 Laava 123 hv11

A Dream Room for Tekkeners! ;)

We guys play Tekken together so thought we must create a a dream dream for us!. The Four players of of hour hung right middle of of the center wall 😉 Courtesy to my friend Ali (Dark Prince) for helping 🙂

Recent changes in the scene (Tokyo) (Updates)

Here are some of the chunks of scene from my current work!

More Rendered Image will be up soon!
Kindly Look for them! and Please Feel free to criticize…. every comment will be welcomed 🙂

Street 2 (2) Street44 tokyo lights Tokyo Tower
Businessman 3 
Tokiyo lol  Street businessman 2

Glimpse of a 3D scene I created recently :)

It’s Amazing how we learn things. Especially when learning not from anyone else but self learn.
NOTE: I am not a professional 3D designer, I am just a self learner 🙂 I hope you all like it.

All suggestions and criticism are welcome 🙂

Vray Sun - Morning and Final Scene Signed